From the heart of an angel - text

Oh, my angel,
years may come and years may go.
Be my, baby.
Oh, my angel
I'll never, never let you go.
Be my, baby.
If I hold you tonight
but I lie to you
If I promise my heart - all my dreams come true

From the heart of an angel
Where sky meets the heaven
To the end of a journey
on the wings of love
From a heart with emotion
to the deepest devotion
From the love of an angel
I can't get enough

Oh, my angel
you're the light that guides my way
Be my, baby.
Oh, my angel,
but there's one thing I will say:
Be my, baby.
Oh, I'm living my life in the ocean of love
and I'm staying with you
a hundred years are not enough,
my love!

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