Bel Hadawa - text

Bil hadawa hadawa ya 7abibi bil hadawa
Slowly slowly my love slowly

Ayi ghalta bena tedawa 'ila el shak ye3amil 3adawa
All faults between us can be fixed, except doubt, it makes enemies

Bil hadawa hadawa ya 7abibi bil hadawa
Slowly slowly my love slowly

Insa aya 7ada yetsawa walla karno bik fil ghalawa
Forget anyone like you, or shall I compare with your preciousness?

Howa inta leh kida ma bet3aadish
Why are you like this, you don't let anything pass!

Wa'ifli 3al wahda w shakak
You ask me about everything and you doubt

yabo dami 7ami inta ya afish
Oh you're so hot blooded and impatient

Ana lola bass inana 3aarfak betghir 3ala toul w
If it were not for the fact i know you're jealous all
the time

Laken min gowa 7nayin walla eih?
But inside you're really affectionate, or what?

Oulti mara tnen w talata ya 7abibi
I've told you once, twice and three times my love

el 'oumour di khodha be basata
Take it easy

el kalam byigi tatatata
Words come easily

mosh tabi3i shaghlak mawadi3i
Its not normal for you to be preoccupied with my problems

mosh tabi3i ya ebni fik khalik tabi3i
Its not natural, oh man, stay natural

ya ebni foki wishi el tabata
Oh man, stop whats up?

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