The Lonely Mountain - text

I Walk for the Ancient Paths
I Watch the Lonely Mountain
The Northern Store is Guiding Me
To the Black Forest

I Can See the Ravens Silently Fly
I Still Hear the Voices From the Wind
Ander the Fullmoon the Shadows Grows in the Forest

I Can See the Shadows Dance Befote Me
It is Condemn to Sorrow
Show the Way to the Dawn

Follow the Wind, Go to the North
To the Purest of Winters
Go Through the Forest That Never Ende
There You’ll Find Your Destiny

And to the Norht I Rode on the Sad Winds
I Watched The Lonely Mountain
Where no Creatures Ever Dare to Tread
Where the Dragon Sleeps

At Last I Found the Throne of the Mountain
Grim and Bleak Raised to the Sky
Ander the Dark Mountain the King has Ruturned
The Dragon Is Dead

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Video přidala Richenza

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