Blackened Rain - text

There is a Place Where Sorrow Never Dies
Aplace Where You Hide Your Darkest Sins
Now, I Enter to There, Where Sky is United With Blakened Rain
The Blackened rain Summon With My Tears

Time Has Come to Spread My wings
No Pray My Salvation
My is Withering

“Farwell Life, and All I Live For

My Time is Over on the Herat
Another Journey Has Begun
The Blackened Rain is Falling Over Me

The Ravens Above, are Singin My Death
The Stara Above, are Lying at My Feet
Slowly, Descending From a Blakened Sky

Death Comes to take Hawai
In, Silence I Fall Through Sorrows

Fading Roses Enchants My Grave
From the Wind, You’ll Hear My Cry
In a Bleak Garden You’ll Hear My Voice
From the Gateways You’ll See My Soul

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The Journey's End


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