Hit The Streets - text

Well let's hit the streets now,
Next round is on me,
I won't have to fake it anymore,
Well we've got a beat now,
Move your feet,
It's all you need,
I don't have to fake it anymore.

When we hit the scene my darling,
We break the mold,
You know we're the envy of them all,
Well just raise your drinks now,
Feel the heat,
Just you and me,
You know we're the envy of them all.

We go broke,
We go insane,
The drinks keep flowing,
We've got it made,
We sing,
We're going crazy,
It's a big "fuck you",
I dedicate to the world.

The dark turns to light but,
I'm not done with you,
We both know what's going through my head,
Well the feeling's right,
And I'm feeling fine,
This close to you,
We both know what's going through my head.

Just me and my girl,
We came to tell the world,
"raise your drinks".

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