All Beauty Destroyed (EMP 80834 Remix) - text

And everyone is so kind,
With the lies that they tell themselves,
'Cause everyone is so blind,
To the truth that they're ugly inside,
When the mirror's laughing,
Time takes over,
You should know,
We're rotting away.

There's no,
Nothing left for me,
When all beauty's destroyed,
There's no,
Nothing left to see,
Once all beauty's destroyed.

And everyone is so torn,
Between truth and a false veneer,
Well no one wants to be alone,
In the wake of their faults and fears,
If you don't stop scratching,
Wounds reopen,
As we slowly start to decay.

Lie for you,
Die for you,
Beg for you,
Bleed for you.

all beauty's destroyed,
all beauty's destroyed.

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