Cluny Calls - text

Cluny is calling, in august voice the believers
enemy in faith, your duty’s to wake up and go
fight the impious, the Jew profanes mocks and tramples
the Christians must fight, in the name of the father

Screams the Holy Jerusalem, by muslim trampled
invokes loudly freedom Turkish infidels go home
Urban the second calls the believers, gather‘em ‘round him
the crusade calls, it ain’t my voice asking for, God’s will be done

Universal faith
Rising from the earth
Unchains, buttresses, nails
It’s the new law

Obey you have to
Faith that will rule
Kneel on your knees
Oooooooohhhhh people!

Open my eyes, on a golden dawn promise
sword in my hand shines under the sweetest sunlight
armored saints fighting for higher reasons
cross on my chest, will light my way and protect me

Heads roll along our way, rivers of blood flow
in Christ’s name we’ll bring love and peace all around the world
steel shines as symbol of truth, along these valleys
and who dies for the mission will have his sins washed away

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