Adiastasia - text

Better than all i feel it
The presence of God inside my heart
There`s a change i see
I lost my fear of walk in shadows
Life War!
I see a name, a hero
The real one that saved my life
You know he`s name is Jesus
But you are aways running away from
His love
Life War!

When the evil comes i clame to save my life
The name of the hero, lord of heroes Jesus Christ
Son of the man , son of the father of the light
The Adiastasia, perfect glory of the lord, prayse the lord

How can you go in this life , in lies , living in pain?
I know you feel i your heart some one, calling your name

show you adiastasia
look to adiastasia
show you adiastasia
look to adiastasia

if you`re loosing the life war
I can guide you to victory
I show adiastasia
it`s the way to the victory

when the evil...

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Life War


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