Slaves of God - text

I abjure the name of Jesus Christ

Die slaves !

Deified martyr praised impotent hymns
Icon of the desperate herd
Sacred illusion

Vile motive for inconsistent slaughters
Crowned figure leading the atrophy of strenght

Tolerance. Misery.

Lucid bunch of lies
Commanding the world demise

Cowardice. Pity.
Obedience and faith aren't the road to Paradise

Slaves of God to the gallows
The gallows for the slaves of God

Flattered weakness and moralic acid
Demonizing the deep essence of the self
Virtuous decay

I am not a slave of God...
I am not a slave of God...
I am not a slave of God...
I am not a slave of God...
I am not...
I am not...
I am not... a slave of your f****** God !

You lousy embodiment of weakness, founded and arisen from adversity
Vouching the lies of your henchmen, hypocrite advocates of equality

I reject, repudiate all the love you promise
You corrupt, you gangrene, you kill all that is pure in man

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