Disembodied - text

Gods of night, together with you, I destroy
Suppressed with pain, vile and sick
Twisted flames, horrid cries
Screams of hate, condemning all my prey
Ancient curse, morbid priest
The alter I give praise

Sadistic spell, unleash my fate
Reclaim the dark world, I desecrate

Descending souls, recite the spell
Reclaim my throne, sacred ground
Concealed by chaos, the suffering begins
I pray in homage, the wrath complete
The body has decayed

Told him the secret name
Secret shapes within the ancient horde
Great gods hear me, I disembody

The words of my doom which they have spoken
May they melt like wax
Three watchers of the night, dissolve the evil

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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