Rough Love (Tender Heart) - text

She's just around the corner
Mmmmmm something sure smells good
Long legs & bedroom eyes
You'll wish for more than you should
The first ride's for free
And then you gotta pay
The prize of a broken man
She'll take what she needs
And leave you to bleed
With a tender heart
And an empty hand

Rough love - tender heart

You know she likes it rough
But not the kind you can see on TV

Even if you tryYou'll never get her high
She'll make you believe it was meant to be
Nothing's for free in her fantasy
There's a prize on your tender heart
And I'll guarantee,You'll beg her to stay
Even though you know,She'll tear you apart

Rough love - tender heart

It's never enough

She'll push you too far

She'll make you believe

You know who you are

And if you try to leave

She'll put on some stuff

That you can't resist

Cause she like it rough!

Rough love - tender heart

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