Damned and Mummified - text

Born in a straightjacket set on fire
Doomed from the start, submerged in blackened mire
Set the burning fuse of my body and mind
Lift back my skull where crimson nightmares reside

Visions of desolation
And wings of plague
Morbid fascinations
And seething hate
I'm damned and mummified it's true
The moon is red
Giving madness more than it's due
Rot fills my head
Gutwrenching animosity
Turned inside out, I can't be free
My grave gets deeper every day
There's only death itself to pay

Strangling on every breath
Deranged, derailed, obsessed
Wrapped up in skin
Preserved for life
Birthed in damnation
Condemned to die

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Damned and Mummified


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