Fatalities of War - text

Their eyes will see amazing torment
As their blood-drawn bodies lay rotting, in the dust
Amazed by the true essence of war
Its the anger that channels it to it's lethal degree

As the bullets slice the wind, waging war, to win
The battle between two countries, who's to overcome?
Burned up by buildings of mortar fire
Blood red, are the streets

A perfect painted picture of faults, generals gather their armies, strategy is the key
One is the victor, and the other is defeat
One side will fall, one side will fall

Hate burns, in their minds, will to survive, in life
Fatalities of war
Snipers are positioned to kill, mercenaries in the field
A medal awaits the one who survives the conflict

Between the two, soldiers on the hill
Many men will be killed
Smoke fills the air, turning day into night
Angels of merciless pain, death is all they see

And gain the fields of sorrow
Men, who are nothing, never again, will they see their home
As they're set up, for the onslaught
Fatalities of war

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