Hired Gun - text

He ain’t here for your revolution.
he’s only here for gold
and he’ll take his pay,
on any day,
from any army in the fold.

He didn’t come cause he loves your company.
Didn’t come ‘cuase shared your views.
He didn’t come from a common vision.
He’s not following your muse

He’s won’t stick by you through thick and thin.
He doesn’t have your back.
…and if the funds run short that bastard,
wont take any flack.

If you think that you can trust him,
If you think he can win the war,
Try mentioning that theres no pay,
and he’ll soon be out the door.

He’s a hired gun.
Takes his money and runs.
This wars not his scene.
He’s just a killing machine.

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Abney Parktexty

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