Lifetime Misfortune And Consequences - text

Lifetime I'm here, Waiting for your rising
Vision is clear, Fortune is my case
Occasion is mine, I'm living in eternity
Failure has been failed, nothing will stop me

Misfortune campaign is not here, just sailed
I'm leading a merry life, I'm watching the charming side
I'm feasting a full of pleasants, semigod illuminate

I've been put aside my alter ego
There's no human being without devil behind
I've been mislead from my endless wants
I have to face full of consequences

Lifetime I'm here waiting for your ending
Vision, I'm blind, I've never seen you
Occasion has gone, I'll burn on my shelf
Failure, you're mine , I'm stumbling into nothing

Misfortune campaign , just here not afraid
I'm leading the pain side, I'm watching a hellish life
I'm feasting the lifecide, semigod nothing at all

(video - track 1,2)

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