Mythomania - text

You walked a mile
On broken glass
Through glowing coals
You wore a path

The words on your tongue
A mechanical song
Your face is lined
With disappointment

Oh white matter mind
What have you got to say?
Reasons combine
To force you away

You’re moving on
You solved the problem
And who can blame ya
You’re safe in here
Inside your castle
In Mythomania

Cold crescent moon
On a red cross
It’s happening soon
It’s coming for us

Oh white matter mind
What is there left to say?
Reasons combined
To force you away

No telephone
No television
No news that drain ya
You’re safer here
More atmosphere
In Mythomania

You caught belief
Like some disease
No words can save ya
Cuz you’re all alone
You’re on your own
In Mythomania

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