video Time Wintersun
video Lake of Hope Victorius
video Tonight We Ride Unleash the Archers
video Universe on Fire Gloryhammer
video Swords and Diamonds Cryonic Temple
video Guitar Hero ReinXeed
video Hector's Hymn HammerFall
video Bushido HammerFall
video Stormborn Bloodbound
video True Belief Paradise Lost
video Destiny Lonewolf
video Marionette Triosphere
video Prayer Six Degrees Of Separation
video Skyrider Gormathon
video Shine On Mean Streak
video Fire of Dreams Winterstorm
video Ride the Void Holy Grail
video A Life on Hold Brainstorm
video The Raven's Flight Crown Of Glory
video Time and Space Gaia Epicus
video Otherland Blind Guardian
video Metal Mind Full Strike
video New Dawn Visions of Atlantis
video Lost Visions of Atlantis
video King for a Day Primal Fear
video Black Rose Derdian
video Prevail Harmony

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