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Fathers hands were lined with dirt From long days in the field And mothers hands are serving meals In a cafe on Main Street With mouths to feed Just trying to keep clothing on our backs And all I hear about is How it's so bad, it's so bad [Refrén:] It's too bad, It's stupid Too late, so wrong, so long It's too bad that we had no time to rewind Let's walk, let's talk Let's talk You left without saying goodbye Although I'm sure you tried You call the house from time to time To make sure we're alive But you weren't there Right when I'm needed you the most And now I dream about it How it's so bad, it's so bad [Refrén] Father's hands are lined with guilt For tearing us apart Guess it turned out in the end Just look at where we are Made it out, still got clothing on our backs And now I scream about it How it's so bad, it's so bad [Refrén x2] No time, last one, let's go Vice na

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